SPA Hotel 5-star sup. "Lifestyle Suite InterContinental Düsseldorf"/ D

ca. 170 sqm

Interior design
InterContinental Düsseldorf
Completed 2009
photos ©: InterContinental Düsseldorf

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The Lifestyle Suite is a luxurious private spa suite built in a magnificent place with a view over the skyline of Düsseldorf. The suite combines sauna, spa bath, bathing- and massage rooms with a bedroom and a dining room styled as a lounge with a dinner table. Several functions play perfectly together, concentrating on the well-being of the residents.

The main idea of the current draft being realized is a rolling wall incorporating all other functions within a spiral. Integrated into these rolling walls are display cabinets showing artistic African sculptures in the bedroom as well as the dining room. The rolling wall is built to contrast the otherwise business-oriented style of the hotel: the curved line as a symbol for the “casual” life, effortlessness and relaxation. Due to its floating shape it fits perfectly into the spa area. Going this way, one passes the large terrace with its expanse of water and the quiet area, a room with a view. A large, ivory colored couch area (designed by Patricia Urquiola) combined with red-orange pillows stands for the “lounge character” of the living room. Tables, closets and carpets for the rest of the living area were designed exclusively. Earth and green tones dominate, connecting color-wise to the green on the terrace and creating the feeling to actually be outdoors.