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Hotel 5-star sup. "InterContinental Düsseldorf“/ D

"Business Diamond 2009"

254 rooms and suites

Interior design: project management and art direction, revision of the room conception for the public areas, i.e. bar, lobby, entrance hall, restaurant.
Exklusive design for furniture, lamps, carpets, etc.
Client: InterContinental Düsseldorf
Completed 2009
photos ©: InterContinental Düsseldorf

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The InterContinental Hotel Düsseldorf started re-designing it interior design in 2008. The public areas, a new luxurious Lifestyle-Spa-Suite and a smoker's lounge are drafted anew. The updated style is defined by a new sensibility and complexity.

The lobby is defined by the green corner couches, both being exclusively produced from Behncke’s drafts. Besides being a seating area, both sides of these couches are also used for demonstration purposes and exhibition space. As a place of communication, they invite to sojourn and due to their size they offer a protected area within the high lobby. The “huge sofa interior” design by the artist Pippilotti Rist was the inspiration for playing with the proportions of the couches. Both their style and coloring are based on the first big luxury cars. The elegant color dark green gray gives these radical asymmetric shapes back its balance. A lamp, four meters high, hovers above it all. It was designed by Behncke exclusively for the InterContinental Düsseldorf hotel and is inspired by the mobiles from Alexander Calder (1898-1976), a sculptor from the USA. Although hovering lightly and playfully with its eight separate light sources, the lamp still adds a defined upper border to the lobby.