Office building, advertising agency "Millhaus", Munich/ D

Redesign Kapellenweg 6
Client: Millhaus GmbH
Completion: Q4/2012

Millhouse is an advertising agency based in Munich. The idea behind the interior architecture was to let the premises convey the origin or the history of the company. The creative director has a background in snowboarding and skating; therefore, a vertical half pipe can be seen in the foyer, leading to another half pipe which has been placed on floor. In the background there a backlit screen has been placed, which, being inspired by the works of Jeff Wall, also tells a story about the agency.

With large rooms in offices, their central axes are often used as meeting "islands". This is also the case at Millhaus; but here, these are appropriately designed with a skate park.

All offices are all glazed areas, with the exception of the offices of the three directors, the conference room and the kitchen. They are constructed as "open space", with the creative director occuping a semi-open office which allows him to stay in contact with the teams and exchange information at any time.