Hotel 5-star sup. "Seehotel Überfahrt", Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee/ D

Interior design: remodeling of rooms and suites
Client: HURLER Seehotel Überfahrt GmbH & Co. KG
Competed 2012 (shortlisted) with Archibrand TM

The Tegernsee has always been a place, which connects nature, tradition, style and luxury to a unit in symbiosis to the Tegernsee valley.

It inspires for the design concept for:
- Colors with green-blue tones, like water, or gold / silver, like the reflection on the surface of water in the sun and moon
- Light solutions, which transport the warmth and cosy feeling.
- Materials, such as e.g. wood, fittings, color based on boat houses, wooden boats.
  Clothes remove by boat-character again and stand for luxury (silk and velvet) and 5-star standard / Leading Hotels of the World.

To give the same generous to the opposite wall, the headboard is artistically relevant, because it’s a continued item from wall to wall. It also acts as a wall covering, and additionally as a back rest for a small bed, which is provided on the same side on the same wall. This seat also enables a unique perspective on the landscape and in the depths of space as well.

This wall covering is provided from green-blue leather, which expresses the nature and the lake and is because of the different scenarios very tough as headboard and back rest.

The seat of the sofa with the green-blue velvet should appear soft and luxuriously inviting. Buttoning, piping and cushions should make colorful accents. This is why Missoni-fabrics are imaginable for the sides of the pillow-roles.

The wall area above the wall covering, can be equipped optionally with a quiet, tactile fabric wallpaper.