Hotel 5-star sup. "Schloss Elmau" Garmisch/ D

Leading Hotels of the World, hotel-real estate of the year 2007/ Expo Real, nominated for MIPIM Award 2008, "100 best holiday hotels" (2011: 2nd place, 2013: 1st place)

100 rooms, (junior-) suites, family-apartments

Interior design: rooms and parts of public areas/ restaurants (i.a. Luce d'oro), detailed and construction planning
Client: Müller-Elmau GmbH
Project management: Alba Bauprojektmanagement
Completed 2006
photos: © Schloss Elmau + Egbert Krupp

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In the summer of 2005 a fire destroyed the west- and southern wing of the hotel near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Referring to the former architecture the long-standing building shall be reconstructed.

The concept of the interior design conserves the identity of Schloss Elmau in an abstract way pointing at an international future. The materials chosen came from the historic entrance hall: Solnhofen paving stones on the floor as horizontal and the two monumental Jura-columns as vertical principal. Thus the floors of the bathes are made up of the Solnhofen paving stones and the partition walls of Jura-colums.

The spacious public spaces, like the corridors, should keep the character of encounter – accented by a red carpet and surrounded stone frieze.
The staircases were designed so that they observe the standards as an escape staircase, but also obtain the old craftsmanship and the spirit of the wood staircase.

The wooden doors of the rooms are a special design in order to guarantee the most modern standard with delicacy and restraint, but the technique to hardly be faced out.
The elevators have bronze doors so that they harmonize with the warm, natural color of the oak floors. They are also lined on with stone floor and up to the sill plates with Jura in the inside.

The restaurant "Luce D'Oro" with wine cellar gets a very shallow arch as the main theme, it has a cocktail bar and a prominent modern fireplace that fits together two benches and a large slabs, both of Jura. The special wine racks, were designed exclusively for the storage and exhibition of fine wines.