Hotel 5-star "Novi Spa Hotels and Resort“, Croatia

130 hotelrooms and 336 apartments on the 1,5 km coast

Architecture and interior design: consulting master plan of the whole hotel and holiday facilities. Design main front. Spatial conception rooms, materials/ partly fitting (décor public rooms)
Client: Novi Spa Hotels and Resort, Croatia
Completed 2008
photos ©: Novi Spa Hotels and Resort

The particular challenge is to design a 5-star luxury hotel on the seafront, from an existing little holiday apartment complex from the Tito times without a central building and without public areas.

It is important to adjust the overall system quality and contently to today's sophisticated expectations and establish a brand new, the first internationally recognized 5-stars-standard in Croatia.

Thus, the design of the main façade and the main entrance is in the entrance hall to the central theme: It is a real green "curtain-wall" designed of growing wine - as a metaphor for the hotel-resort, which stands for a long wine tradition and characterizes it. It is now a generous wine "curtain" which is also mediterranean and guestslooks through the lobby, the sea.